Full Care Facility $300 per month

Large paddocks


Each paddock is 30 ft X 60 ft. Lots of room to move around between your visits.

Stalls are mucked daily

Loafing Shed


The 7 ft X 14 ft rubber matted. Two layer of plywood to protect the horse if they were to kick the walls.

Up to 3 horse trailer parking


We have space next to most stalls for a 2 - 3 horse trailer.  Other parking is available for those sheds that have a water hydrant next to the loafing shed.

Tack lockers provided by boader.

Fresh water 24/7


We have "Drinking Post" waterers in each paddock. We will train any horse that is not familiar with using these.

Hay barn


We keep the grass hay and alfalfa stored in our large 40 ft X 60 ft hay barn. Horses are fed twice a day.

We will grain with grain provided by owner.

Riding areas


A person can ride out in large pasture or in the large paddock. Access to Barr Lake if you ride along the water canal that comes from Barr Lake.