We couldn't do this without you

Carla Kaplan-Gomez

Carla is our Marketing and Communications Director.  Plus she shares great photography to support our web page. She also mucks horse, donkey, cow stalls.

Steve and Fran McGraw

Steve and Fran help us with our bi-annual festivals and educate us on how to work with our bees.

Katelyn Haase and Regan Waltenburge

These ladies painted the trim on the bird aviary and mucking horse, donkey, cow and alpaca stalls.

Rhonda Bennett

Rhonda has a great talent working with horses and to get them to trust. Renegade shown was her greatest challenge and reward.

Bolt Academy

These students helped vaccinate goats, pick up logs and branches, muck stalls and move rocks for landscaping.

Elena, Sabella & Viviana Woods

These ladies have been helping us for over two years mucking horse, cow, donkey and alpaca stalls.  Not to mention all the attention they give the farm animals.

Mike Peterson

Mike helps us at all of our bi-annual festivals with setups, tending the admission gate and tear downs.

Dale Karsten

Dale is our resident ranch hand and takes many of the photos you see on this site.

Patrice Salvatrice

Patrice helps by mucking horse, donkey and cow stalls.

Cheri Jackson

Cheri helped us make soaps to keep up with the demand from our ranch store


We got volunteers from Louisville and Brighton stores that have helped us with repairs to wildlife cages, tour guides at the festival and serving at the Wildlife fund raising dinner

Don Mefford Jr

Don helps feed, water and muck stalls while we leave for some well deserved vacation time

Bonita Rose

Bonita helped with cleaning cages and making soaps & lotions

Wayne Toups

Wayne is always ready to assist us at the bi-annual festivals and any other ranch functions. Great neighbor to have.

Great list of volunteers

Emily Leiker, Kayla Kosmiske, Kati Lynn Jensin, Kayle Tacoronte, Osie Barkley, Frank Lucero, Terry Lavaje, Brie Jenkins, Kim Jenkins, Eric Martinez, Sarai Hawkins, Serenity Hawkins, Samuel Hawkins, Casie Nickolaus, Sherry Nickolaus, Jenny Moody, Molly Brooks

John & Sean Hess

John & Sean help the wildlife rehab center by cleaning raccoon cages

Amanda & Zacary Eaton

Amanda & Zacary clean the bird aviary weekly to give our birds a clean home. 


We are VERY grateful for the help from our volunteers!  Your help makes it possible for others to enjoy this great ranch.

David Bonderchuck

Catering and donating the proceeds from the wildlife fundraising dinner and auction.

Sue Boucher

Sue has been a great help getting donations for the auction and dog food for feeding the wildlife

Rhonda & Greg Schaffer

Rhonda helps feed wildlife while Keith is out and Greg made the break system for the wagon


Stiano mucked horse, donkey and pig stalls PLUS worked with our micro mini pigs, Pixie and Dixie

Future volunteers

Thank you

Future volunteers

Thank you